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Smart energy employers

What is a Smart energy employer?

We're looking for companies to join us in helping to build a smarter, greener Britain.

Being a Smart energy employer means pledging to share information about the benefits of smart meters with employees.

Lots of organisations have already signed up, including NHS Employers, Cadent Gas, Adidas, Premier Foods and many more.

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Smart Energy GB employers

Why become a Smart energy employer?

Becoming a Smart energy employer is a great way to help your employees save energy and money on their bills and support the nation’s transition to a smarter energy grid.

This campaign will help your staff to save money on their energy bills at home. 82% of people with smart meters have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy, and they can see what they’re wasting.

The Smart energy employer campaign supports your company's sustainability policies, by showing the impact of employees' behaviour change on energy use. Engaging your staff in this campaign will ensure they are aware of the wider benefits of being conscious with how they use energy at home, which will translate into the workplace.

Smart meters are also essential to upgrading our energy grid and helping pave the way for a smarter, low-carbon future.

We will provide you with a Smart energy employers digital badge for you to use on your website and publications to show that you’re part of the campaign.

How to join the Smart energy employers campaign 

It's free and easy to join the campaign. All you need to do is to pledge to share information with your staff.

Some of the things you could do to get involved:

  • Explain the benefits of smart meters in your communications
  • Hold a lunch and learn for you staff
  • Put one of our posters in your staff room

We can offer you support and advice on this too, please get in touch to find out more.

Take a look at our free assets, here are some to get you started




To find out more, or let us know you want to sign up, get in touch with [email protected]