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Adam, Leeds


Adam has found his smart meter particularly useful because he works from an office at home. He has four computers, external drives and printers plugged in and has been surprised to learn that some of these use far less energy than he expected. He has also started to make energy-saving changes around his house. Adam lives in a semi-detached house in Leeds with his wife. 

I had my smart meter installed in March 2015. The energy company offered it to me and I could see no reason not to do it. 

I hardly noticed the installation process, as it was really quick. Then the installer went through the basic operations of what the smart meter and the in-home display does and how I could use the display to help us understand our energy use.

I keep my in-home display in my kitchen so I am aware of it and I see it a fair few times throughout the day. We always have it set to display the electricity readings. I think that has been the most helpful in terms of changes we have made. 

We have sped up the process of upgrading our light bulbs to energy efficient ones. We had already been moving slowly across to LED light bulbs but after the shock of seeing how much energy was used when we turned on the light in the kitchen, we are doing it even faster now.

As well as letting us know when we’re using a lot of energy, it also lets us know when we’re being good and not using much. I have got a home office because I work from home, building websites mostly. I have four computers, external drives, printers and my tablet plugged in all the time and I have always had this niggling feeling that all the equipment was using up loads of energy. After getting my smart meter I was quite surprised and impressed at how low-energy everything was.

Although we have not made any big changes in equipment yet we are definitely more careful with the worst offenders like the kettle and the tumble dryer.