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Eve, Nottinghamshire

Since getting her smart meter installed Eve is much happier with her billing experience. She uses her in-home display to check whether energy has been wasted overnight and has found it very useful in winter. She lives with her partner in a three-bed semi in Nottinghamshire.

We decided to get a smart meter installed because we wanted the convenience of having automatic and accurate meter readings. We preferred this to having our energy supplier calling us and asking for a meter reading. 

We also really like the convenience of using the in-home display so we can keep an eye on what we are spending on gas and electricity.

Before we got the smart meter we didn’t really know how much we were spending and we couldn’t tell how much our bills were going to be. It is much better now because we know what our bills are going to be and, so far, we have even managed to make savings of more than £10 a month.

We keep the display on the worktop in the living room and we like to look at it in the morning to see how much we have spent overnight. This has really helped us because we used to have a security light that we didn’t realise was coming on throughout the night and using a lot of energy. We had that light removed and now that we’re using a different one, when we come down in the morning we can see it has used so much less energy.

We also only boil the kettle with the amount of water we need, I only use the dishwasher when it is full, and I try and dry the washing out in the garden rather than using the tumble dryer.