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Hannah, Bury

hannah from Bury case study smart meter

Hannah recently bought a cottage in Bury and after the hassle with her old, analogue energy meters, she decided to upgrade to a smart meter. Hannah now enjoys using her in home display to keep track of all her energy usage and to help learn more about her first home.

Before I moved into this house, I rented from a friend and never paid much attention to what I was using or what it cost; I just paid my share of the bills. So, when I moved into my cottage I struggled with keeping on top of what I was spending each month. Something that made it even worse for me was that the house had a gas prepay meter, which meant I’d have to go to the shops to top up and it was difficult to keep track of how much I was spending. I always wondered how many showers I’d get out of the latest top up and how long it would last before I’d have to top up again. I found this pretty frustrating and difficult to manage, so I decided to switch my gas to a credit system so it was the same as my electric. Now I’ve got a smart meter and the whole thing is even better because I can keep a track of everything.

The installation was really quick and easy. The installer came around on time and got straight to it, and when they had finished the installation, they talked me through how it works, how to use the in-home display and what all the features were. The engineer also checked all of my gas appliances when he was fitting the smart meter, and it was good that he did because he noticed there was potentially a tiny risk that the boiler could leak carbon monoxide, so he offered me an alarm for peace of mind. I really appreciated the extra sense of safety that gave me – it’s basically like getting a free safety check on your home!

As a new home owner, I want to learn everything about my cottage and my smart meter helps me to do this. I actually became a little obsessed with checking the display when I first got it, and I’d become really annoyed if I had left a light on. I still love keeping track of what different devices cost me and I really like that the display tells me in pounds so I can get a tangible feel for how much energy devices use. As it shows my spending daily and weekly, I can keep track of when my usage goes up or down and I find that really interesting. You can really see the difference between summer and winter and I think that’s both really useful and really cool.

My smart meter has definitely had a positive impact as I’m far more aware of what things cost and how it all adds up – not just on my bill but also what that means for the environment. Through being more conscious of my usage, I’ve cut down on my heating and I make sure I turn everything off – and that helps both my back pocket and the planet. I’ve even encouraged my dad to get a smart meter and he loves it as much as I do! I definitely think everyone should get one, they are brilliant.