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Hazel, Neath


Since having her smart meter installed at the end of 2014, Hazel has used her smart meter display to take small steps to reduce her energy consumption, and her bills by 25 per cent. Hazel lives in a three bedroom terraced house in Neath, Wales and volunteers with a local charity.

Before having a smart meter installed I would telephone by energy supplier every three months with meter readings, and then a few weeks later a meter reader would call. My meters are located in an awkward place in my living room and each time a reading was required I would have to move furniture out of the way which was really inconvenient.

After I received a leaflet about smart meters from my energy supplier I called them and asked to have one installed. The installation went really smoothly, and both my gas and electricity meters were upgraded. There wasn’t any mess and the installer took his time to talk me through how the smart meter display works and left a number of leaflets explaining how I could save energy.

I haven’t changed the way in which I pay for my energy, I still pay each month by direct debit but my experience of billing is much better now. My bills are accurate and I don’t have to move my furniture around so that my meter can be read, it’s all done automatically.

Since my smart meter has been installed I have taken some simple steps to reduce my consumption. I noticed how much energy my cooker was using so I bought a halogen cooker. Not only does it cook a Sunday roast much quicker than a conventional oven it also uses a lot less energy! I also switched to using more energy efficient lightbulbs, which really made a difference to how much I was spending. 

I don’t check the smart meter display a lot, but I keep it close when my grandchildren come to stay! I can see how my household energy consumption rises when they switch everything on without having to go around checking all the time!

Before I had a smart meter I was spending between £40-£50 per month on my energy, but changing a few things I have managed to reduce my monthly bill to just £30.