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Jenny, Nottingham

Jenny’s smart electricity meter was installed in October 2013. It helps her see what she’s spending on energy, and means she no longer has to manually check her meter which was outside. Jenny lives in Keyworth, on the outskirts of Nottingham with her husband.

When we received a letter from our energy supplier asking if we wanted a smart electricity meter, it sounded interesting so we decided to go for it. Anything that can give us a better idea of what we’re using and spending is great.

I’d previously borrowed an energy monitor from our local library, which was useful but quite complicated to understand. Now, with the in-home display that came with our smart meter, all the details are right there for us to see, whenever we want to.

We always keep the display in the kitchen, where we can see it change colour depending on how much energy we’re using. I check it several times a day.

We’re on Economy 7, a tariff which provides cheap off-peak electricity at night, so my husband and I are programmed to put things on when it’s cheaper anyway, such as the tumble dryer and washing machine.

The in-home display gives a lot of information, more than we actually use. The most important thing to me is that I can see what I’m spending on electricity each hour. I now know that if I use the electric oven, the tumble dryer or the kettle, the graphic on the display shoots up to red, and when our grandchildren come to stay we can see our electricity usage going up. It does make you think about how much energy you’re using!

My old electricity meter was in a cupboard by our back porch, and I’d have to go outside to check it, then ring up and submit our bills to our energy supplier, so I don’t need to do that anymore. Since having a smart meter I feel confident that our bills are accurate, rather than estimated, and I also think they have come down slightly.