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Pawandeep ‘Pav’, London


After using tracking technology to stay motivated and set personal goals while cycling, Pav was intrigued to apply the same mentality to his energy use, using his new smart meter at home in north London. He rents his flat with his girlfriend, and since having a smart meter installed, Pav has been able to save energy using the in-home display and track his what he’s spending in near real time.

Once I heard that a smart meter could help me keep an eye on my energy usage at home, I knew I wanted to get one, and as it’s my name on the bills I could arrange it really easily. The actual installation was fine, and it took less time than I thought it would, about two hours in total.

I use tracking technology to keep fit, mostly when cycling, and it’s great to look back over my achievements, like how far I’ve travelled and how quickly. It motivates me to improve on my times and try to keep beating my personal best.

My smart meter is having exactly the same effect. It’s inspiring me to save money and reduce energy waste whenever I can. I can see what I’m using in near real time and how much it’s costing, so I can work out ways to be more efficient without having to make any big changes.

When we moved in we were getting estimated bills. It was hard to understand what we were actually paying for, but now they’re accurate and I know exactly what we’re spending on what, things are much easier. I originally wanted a smart meter so we could see how much energy we use as we go along and not have to always be giving meter readings to my supplier. It’s really lived up to expectations – since I’ve had my smart meter, I feel like it’s really done all the leg work for me.

I check the in-home display regularly and keep it by the front door so I can easily see it. I’m looking forward to using the history function to compare my usage over time and hopefully see how much I’ve saved!

It’s handy to be able to work out how much energy my appliances use, and how I can use them more efficiently. I’m already doing the simple things, like turning the lights off and the heating down a degree or two and tracking the impact that is having on my bills with the display; it’s really helping to see the difference.