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Susan, Norwich


Susan and her partner have always been frugal with their energy consumption so they particularly like that having a smart meter helps them to stay in control. Susan has been able to identify which appliances cost more to use and finds it reassuring to be able to compare how much gas and electricity they use day-to-day. Susan lives with her partner in a terraced house.

We had our smart meter installed a couple of years ago when our supplier offered it to us. The installation was straightforward and a very helpful young man gave us a full demontration of how to use the in-home display.

We’ve always been careful with the energy we use – I really don’t like waste – so the smart meter didn’t really reduce our bills further. However, it’s really useful, and interesting, to see how much energy we’re using as we consume it. I also like being able to compare our usage from day-to-day.

Our in-home display sits next to the telephone and the screen lights up if someone touches it. I’ve noticed the screen is usually activated when I come home from work which makes me think my husband must like checking it even more than I do. The display also beeps if we go over our normal usage which is handy for keeping an eye on things.

I often look at the screen when the tumble dryer or washing machine is on, but it was the kettle that really shocked me! Seriously, I am now careful with it in a way that I never was before as it really stands out as something that costs quite a bit to use.

Although we were always vigilant about taking readings from our old meters and never had any nasty surprises, I do like having accurate bills and being more in control. I don’t check the in-home display much anymore but it is reassuring to know it is monitoring our usage and I’ve been recommending it to our friends and family. There’s nothing negative about a smart meter in my opinion!