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Energy Efficiency: The Missing Piece - 08 October 2019

Energy efficiency is the glaring #missingpiece in our nation’s battle against the climate crisis

The BLTs - the ‘Brits Losing Time’ to endless life admin - 28 August 2019

New research reveals that the sandwich generation are three times more likely to find they spend too much time completing life admin tasks, compared to the average Brit

Smart Energy Research Lab Pilot Phase - 08 August 2019

Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) consortium invites households to share their energy data.

Panel reveals the Smart E-Home of the future - 30 July 2019

Experts have come together to visualise what the smart eco home – the Smart E-Home - of the future could look like, complete with smart toilets, living rooms which transform colour, texture and shape via voice-command, community-based electric vehicle car-pooling and living kitchens with hydroponic fruit and veg gardens.

Survey reveals children's climate change concerns - 5th June 2019

New research for World Environment Day shows that almost 8 in 10 children regularly worry about climate change

Smart meters offer the key to changing energy behaviour at home - 22nd May 2019

Smart meters offer the key to changing energy behaviour at home

West Lothian recognised as the top 'Area for a Beautiful Future' in Great Britain - 15th May 2019

Smart Energy GB has launched ‘Areas for a Beautiful Future’ a new index celebrating the communities across Great Britain taking action to be more sustainable

Without smart meters, meeting our climate change targets will be slower, harder and more expensive - 9th May 2019

New report finds that smart meters will contribute to a 25 per cent CO2 saving in homes by 2035