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Smart Energy GB wins Digital Cinema Media award for the Best Use of Innovation in Cinema - 22nd September 2016

Smart Energy GB has received further industry recognition for creative campaigning after winning the Digital Cinema Media award for the Best Use of Innovation in Cinema

Action with Communities in Rural England joins up with Smart Energy GB - 14th September 2016

This partnership will allow people living in rural communities across England to learn more about the benefits of smart meters.

Latest findings on the impact of smart meters from Smart energy outlook - 15th August 2016

Smart meters giving customers control over their energy bills

Age UK and Smart Energy GB join forces to help older people benefit from smart meters - August 11th 2016

This partnership aims to reach thousands of people aged over 65 and in particular to make sure those with dementia or memory impairment access information about smart meters

Energy Doctor prescribes smart meters for Manchester small businesses - August 11th 2016

Dr. Paul Swift, an energy consultant from the Carbon Trust, tells small Manchester businesses how to get their energy health in check with the help of a smart meter