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Smart Energy GB publishes new report Smart meters and energy usage: a survey of energy behaviour before and after upgrading to a smart meter - 26th April 2017

New Smart Energy GB research shows more than 8 in 10 people with smart meters have changed household behaviour to use less energy

Smart Energy GB response to the BEIS quarterly report on smart meter installations - 30th March 2017

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has published its latest report on statistics for smart meter installations to the end of December 2016.

Public Health England publishes peer-reviewed study into smart meter safety - 30th March 2017

Public Health England, the government’s watchdog on public health, has published the final peer reviewed outcomes of its study, Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Smart Utility Meters in GB: Part 1, Laboratory Measurements in the Bioelectromagnetics journal.

Smart Energy GB publishes research into the optimisation of the smart meter installation experience for audiences with additional barriers - 24th March 2017

Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout, has published new research into the smart meter installation journey for people with additional barriers.

Don’t let climate change outsmart you: make your Earth Hour last all year - 24th March 2017

Well-known baker Ian Cumming shares his smart resolutions for making Earth Hour last through 2017 and beyond

Smart Energy GB teams up with NHS Employers and the Sustainable Development Unit to help NHS workers benefit from smart meters - 23rd March 2017

Smart Energy GB, the voice of Britain’s smart meter rollout, has teamed up with NHS Employers to spread the word about the benefits of smart meters to the 1.3 million people employed by the NHS.

Smart Energy GB statement on accuracy of smart meters in response to a study from the University of Twente - 10th March 2017

Smart Energy GB response to the study by the University of Twente on the accuracy of smart meters

New Smart Energy GB white paper: How could we buy energy in the smart future? - 8th March 2017

Three energy business models that could transform the way we buy and use gas and electricity

Energy Doctor prescribes smart meters for small businesses across Scotland - 3rd March 2017

Small Scottish businesses can get their energy health in check with the help of a smart meter. This is the message from consultant Roddy Hamilton from The Carbon Trust

Get smart about your energy bills - 24th February 2017

Polish money saving expert calls on people in Britain to get their gas and electricity bills under control, with the help of a smart meter.