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Lynn, Hertfordshire

After being constantly frustrated with not knowing how much she was spending on gas and electricity, Lynn asked her energy supplier for a smart meter. Since, she has started a weekly competition with her children to see who can save the most money – if they beat her, they get the difference in pocket money. Lynn lives with her husband and three boys in Hertfordshire.

Adam with his smart meter
Adam, Leeds

Adam has found his smart meter particularly useful because he works from an office at home. He has four computers, external drives and printers plugged in and has been surprised to learn that some of these use far less energy than he expected.

David, Plymouth

David likes using his smart meter display to set a daily budget and has even been able to identify a faulty energy-guzzling adapter

photo of Jen
Jen, Greater Manchester

Jen and her partner asked their energy supplier for a smart meter because they wanted accurate bills without the hassle of manual meter readings

photo of Maureen
Maureen, Lincolnshire

Maureen and her husband like using their in-home display to keep an eye on what they are spending each day

photo of Janet
Janet, South Wales

Janet’s smart meter helped her to identify where she and her daughters were using unnecessary energy and how they could make money-saving changes.