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In-home display photos

Help text
  • IHD 1, 2 and 3 preview image
  • IHD 1 preview image
  • IHD 2 preview image
  • IHD 3 preview image


We know that you might wish to create your own customised materials, such as letters, emails, newsletters or presentations. This zip file contains a collection of images showing the in-home displays that suppliers offer for you to use in your own communications. 

We recommend you use a combination of different in-home display images within your communications as suppliers offer different in-home displays. 

You can use these images alongside the text we've provided to help you explain smart meters and the rollout:

  • handy text to copy and paste in English - here
  • handy text to copy and paste in Welsh - here

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Format: (Zip file) 7.9MB

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