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Smart meter Champion pack

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  • Smart meters are easy to use leaflet p1
  • Smart meters control poster


This pack has materials to help smart meter Champions spread the word about smart meters. The pack includes:

  • Informational leaflet - a A5 leaflet explaining smart meters, how they work and how to get one
  • Informational poster - a poster explaining smart meter benefits, in both A3 and A4

    Smart meter Champions can order pre-printed packs containing:

    • 360x informational leaflets
    • 5x A3 informational posters 
    • 5x A4 informational posters

    If you download the pack, you will download a zip file containing:

    • A single PDF of the Informational leaflet, for you to print yourself
    • A single PDF of the A3 Informational poster, for you to print yourself
    • A single PDF of the A4 Informational poster, for you to print yourself

    Formats available

    Format: (Zip file or print fulfilled pack)

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