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Ainsley Harriott with a mixer Ainsley Harriott with a mixer
Ainsley Harriott with a kettle


On average we each boil our kettle 1,500 times a year. Boiling a 3kWh kettle for 10 minutes every day will cost over £27 a year.

Tip: Do fill the kettle with just the amount of water that you need; by not over boiling you can save yourself around £7 a year.

Tip: Don’t get distracted after you’ve switched the kettle on. Tea experts say that reboiling a kettle removes the oxygen and nitrogen from the water resulting in a dull cuppa.

Ainsley Harriott with a microwave


Microwaves are one of the most energy-efficient ways to cook: using it for 10 minutes a day will only cost about £3 per year. Did you know that you can make cakes in them?

Unlike your oven that heats both the food and the air around it, microwaves only heat the food itself, using less energy.    

Tip: Remember to switch your microwave off at the wall when you’re not using it, otherwise it will draw electricity to power the clock.

Ainsley Harriott with a mixer

Electric whisks

The good thing about an electric whisk is that they’re usually just used for a brief period of time!

Tip: Invest in a hand mixer with an advanced cooling system if you’re in the market for a new one: the motor will be more energy-efficient.

Ainsley Harriott with a toaster


Lightly toasted bread will use less energy than a very crispy slice, so your ‘taste in toast’ will affect your bills.

Tip: Need a new toaster? Choose one that lets you just use the slots you need. It uses less energy and reduces uneven browning – if you’re only toasting one slice but two slots heat up, one side will end up browner than the other.

Tip: Multi-task your toaster. Newer models have additional functionality to max the heat they produce. Toasters with a pop-up rack can be used to gently warm a croissant or other pastry while your waffles or bread are toasting.

In-home display screen small

Request your smart meter

A smart meter is the best way to monitor how much energy you are consuming in the kitchen. Its in-home display shows you what you are using in near real time. This will help you to work out how to make energy efficiencies in the kitchen and get your gas and electricity bills under control.

Request your smart meter