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smart meter and toast

We found that the most important benefit of having a smart meter is having a better idea of what you’re spending on energy, as you can see what you’re using in pounds and pence. People also really like that having a smart meter means they no longer receive estimated bills from their energy supplier.

The large majority of people with smart meters told us that they’re checking their in-home display screens at least a few times a month, to help keep their energy under control.

Man ironing next to smart meter

When reviewing his smart meter Troy from Llanelli in Wales said:

"At the moment, we are in the habit of setting ourselves a daily limit and our smart meter warns us when we are close to reaching it.

"It’s working really well as a guide for us, and it helps us balance out the energy we use across a week, if we need to use more on certain days.”

Most people with a smart meter have taken at least one step to cut down their energy use, and save themselves money. They’re making small, sustainable changes to their daily habits and close to half those surveyed are already changing the way they use their household appliances.

woman making tea

We’ve previously spoken to Eve, from Nottinghamshire, about how she uses her smart meter to help save herself money:

“Before we got the smart meter we didn’t really know how much we were spending and we couldn’t tell how much our bills were going to be. It is much better now because we know what our bills are going to be and, so far, we have even managed to make savings of more than £10 a month."

People with smart meters feel they have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy and are more conscious of the energy they use.

They feel they have more control over their gas and electricity. So it’s no surprise that eight out of ten people with a smart meter would recommend them to others.

Smart meter in-home display

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