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Cat sitting on sofa wearing tropical shirt and sunglasses Cat sitting on sofa wearing tropical shirt and sunglasses
Cat turning a light off

Lights on but no one home?

Leaving your lights on so that your house doesn’t look empty while you're away? Then use a timer switch to set them to come on and off. These plug straight into the wall and enable you to programme in several time slots. Switch to energy-saving light bulbs in any lights you intend to leave on.

Give your fridge a break

Fridges are one of the biggest electricity guzzlers – keeping them full is the most economical way to run one. When you’re away, fill yours with jugs and containers full of water to avoid energy waste. And don’t have the temperature colder than it needs to be; the colder it is the more energy it uses. Set the thermostat at 38F (3.3°C).

If it’s just got a dial, buy a cheap fridge thermometer and adjust the dial so the thermometer reads the above. If you’re away for a while, defrost it fully and leave it off. Giving it a break means it will run more efficiently when you’re back.

Cat unplugging a plug

Unplug, switch off

All gadgets draw a bit of electricity when they’re plugged in, even if they’re off. The amounts of energy wasted may be small, but we all have lots of gadgets so it adds up. Pull all plugs out at the wall before you go.

This will also ensure you don’t leave anything on standby; according to the Energy Saving Trust, remembering to turn appliances off standby mode can save the average household between £50 and £80 a year.

In-home display screen small

Request your smart meter

Smart meters are the best way to monitor what you are consuming and spending on energy because they have an in-home display that shows you the information in near real time. This will help you to work out how to make energy efficiencies and get your gas and electricity bills under control.

Request your smart meter