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Monster energy meters The energy monsters vampire ghost and zombie meters

 Do you know where your energy meters are?

  • A) Hiding at the back of a cupboard, buried under broken vacuums, novelty slippers and 1980s Christmas decorations.
    B) In the cellar with the spiders, guzzling up terrifying amounts of energy.
    C) I have no idea, I prefer to ignore my energy meters.
    D) I know exactly where they are, but there must be an easier way to read them.

How do you feel when you get your energy bill?

  • A) I like to pretend it doesn't exist.
  • B) I'm always in complete shock at how much energy I've used.
  • C) I run and hide and hope it will go away.
  • D) Relaxed - I'm pretty on top of our energy spend.

What is your first thought when you know you're due a meter reading?

  • A) If i just ignore it, it will go away eventually.
  • B) I worry about a terrifyingly large energy bill.
  • C) What's a meter reading?
  • D) It's a necessary evil, but there must be a better way.

How do you feel about your energy consumption?

  • A) The thought of shock energy bills jolts me awake at night.
  • B) It's just out of my control!
  • C) I have no idea how to be cleaner and greener with my energy use so would rather ignore it.
  • D) I have a fairly good idea of how much I use and how to keep it under control.

What do you think about your energy meters?

  • A) They're an unnecessary evil I choose to pretend don't exist.
  • B) They're an uncontrollable beast ready to spring into life as I turn the heating on.
  • C) They're a mindless creature with no appreciation for my money or the environment.
  • D) I don't give them much thought, but the overall energy system could probably be improved.
Ghost meter energy monster

If you answered...

Mostly As:

You like to pretend your energy meter doesn't exist, and would rather not have to see or hear them at any point, much like a ghost.

Vampire meter energy monster


Mostly Bs:

Your energy meters are crouching in your house like a blood-thirsty vampire, existing only to suck energy from the grid and cash from your pocket.

Zombie meter energy monster


Mostly Cs:

Your energy meters are zombies, lurking in your garden and leaving you unable to understand how much your energy is costing you and what you are using.

Monster meter

Mostly Ds:

You aren't easily spooked and do a pretty good job of keeping those energy monsters under control.

In-home display screen small

How can you get rid of these vile beasts?

The answer's simple - join the 12 million people who have already requested a smart meter from their energy supplier.

Smart meters will help you to keep a near real time track on your energy spend and send automatic meter readings to your energy supplier - so you'll need to pay fewer visits to the Cupboard of Doom.

Request your smart meter