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Why do we need an upgrade?

Our research shows that 77% of Brits think they are doing their bit to waste less energy at home, but our outdated energy system still means that millions of pounds of energy could go to waste.

The Government has estimated that if our nation upgrades to a smart energy system, £650m worth of energy could be saved due to a reduction in energy losses through a variety of means.

How do smart meters contribute to a smart energy system?

Smart meters are the foundation of a smart energy system. The near real time data they generate lets the system know how much energy is being used, when and where across the country. This allows the system to better plan, and make use of local sources, reducing waste. Find out more about how smart meters upgrade our energy system.

They also come with a handy in-home display so that consumers can monitor and take steps to reduce their usage at home. Visit our smart meter reviews page to see how others across the country are using their new meters, or our energy saving tips for lots more advice.

Another way that smart meters can help is enabling time-of-use tariffs, encouraging people on these tariffs to shift their usage outside peak hours. This helps to even out demand throughout the day, meaning we can make more use of renewables rather than relying on fossil fuels to meet demand during peak times.

Rebecca Adlington with a smart meter in-home display

Saving energy with Rebecca Adlington

Having spent most of her career trying to conserve her own energy, Rebecca recently turned her attention to the kind that powers our homes as part of her efforts to live a more eco-friendly life.

"I've had my smart meter for several years now and it's been a huge help in enabling me to reduce the energy use in my house.

"What I didn't realise is that just by getting it installed, I was also helping to update our energy system to one that is more efficient and less wasteful.

"We can help stop some of this pointless energy waste by making our energy system smarter. It's a bit like when we made the change from analogue to digital TV - if our energy system was digital it could help us better plan the energy we need nationally, and when and where; help us use more renewable energy sources, and pinpoint where faults are happening more quickly.

"By getting a smart meter we can all help upgrade our outdated energy system."

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