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Partner case studies

From national organisations to regional charities and local community groups, our partnership's team works with partners all across Britain, to help spread the word on smart meters.

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Working together

Together with our partners we are working towards a smarter and greener Great Britain. In 2021 we worked with 30 regional partners, and 6 national partners. Here are some of their experiences in working with us.

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In Communities Programme

Networking Key Services (NKS) Attendees at smart meter event

Networking Key Services (NKS)

NKS are based in Scotland and their mission is to alleviate deprivation and isolation experienced by women and their families living in Edinburgh.

They do this by promoting positive health and well-being by supporting individuals access services that may be beneficial to them.

Tatheer Fatima, Projects Co-ordinator

"The  project  gave  us  much  more  liberty  to  work  with  community  who  were  seeking information on  what  to  do  for  monitoring  their  consumption.   We got an opportunity to work more in-depth and to provide real help to the community.”

Sana, 32

"I have received a smart meter and felt it is my life saver. This device is a game changer for us.”

Shakila, 38

"I have 4 kids and I need to do washing a lot, now I can speak to my kids to be good with clothes so that I can do less washing. It will help me to motivate them (including my husband).”

National Partnerships

Royal Voluntary Service

Our partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service reached thousands of people, educating them about smart meters. The campaign utilised the Royal Voluntary Service’s digital and offline communications across community centres and hospitals in Great Britain.

Fiona Longhurst, Marketing Director

"We partnered with Smart Energy GB because we both feel that it’s vital to support the most vulnerable in our communities. We placed marketing collateral in hospital sites which supported people on low incomes to understand the benefits of how a smart meter could help them budget and stay in control.”

Regional Partner sharing smart meter information at an event

Want to work with us?

If you're interested in exploring becoming a partner of Smart Energy GB, please contact [email protected]

If you're an organisation looking to share smart meter related information with people that you support, our Resource centre gives you access to a range of materials available for download or print.

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