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Press centre

If you would like any images, photography or press information for media use, please get in touch at [email protected] or call our 24/7 press line on:

0203 019 1054

Please note this number is for press enquiries only.

If you have any other queries for Smart Energy GB please call 0203 019 1000.


Dale, Southampton

Dale enjoys having a smart meter because he no longer has to go outside to take a manual meter reading. Instead, he can use his in-home display (IHD) to comfortably check how much energy he’s using, whenever he wants to.


Pete, Worcestershire

Pete’s smart meter has helped him reduce energy waste by giving him immediate feedback on his energy use – and he’s saved on his bills as a result.


Julia, Kirkliston

Since having her smart meter installed Julia has really noticed the difference between the colder and darker months and when the weather improves


Elspeth, Drumchapel

Elspeth's smart meter means that she no longer needs to struggle with accessing her payment has and electricity to top them up

John in kitchen with smart meter

John, Kent

John's favourite feature has been using the data shown on the in-home display to calculate how much energy each individual appliance uses around the house

How low can you go

How low can you go?

We challenged three families across the country to spend a week doing fun activities to reduce their energy use

Eve Ogden

Eve, Nottinghamshire

Since getting her smart meter installed Eve is much happier with her billing experience

Troy Tiencken

Troy, Llanelli

Troy’s smart meter has allowed him to keep a close eye on his family’s energy use and monitor how much they are using daily

Simon Scott head shot

Simon, Clacton-on-Sea

Simon requested his smart meter from his energy supplier because he had just bought a new house and wanted to see how much energy it was using


Janet, South Wales

Janet's smart meter helped her to identify where she and her daughters were using unnecessary energy and how they could make money saving changes.