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Julia, Kirkliston


Julia and her husband had a smart meter installed after they were offered one during a call with their energy supplier. Since having her smart meter installed Julia has really noticed the difference between the colder and darker months and when the weather improves. She lives with her husband in a detached house in Kirkliston, just outside Edinburgh.

I have always had a pretty good understanding of how my energy and bills work and we always gave regular meter readings but the smart meter makes it so much easier. We were talking to our supplier about another issue and they offered us a smart meter and we thought it sounded like a great idea. 

Since having the meter installed I tend to check it first thing in the morning when I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and last thing at night before we go to bed when I’m making sure we’ve turned all the lights off.

What I really like about the smart meter is the in-home display which shows what you are using in pounds and pence. It is so easy to read and has really made us think about how we heat the house. Living in Scotland you tend to have the heating on a lot so it has really made us think about just heating the rooms we are using or maybe pulling on another layer instead.

It’s also made us much more conscious of turning unneeded lights off around the house. It really is a handy wee thing.