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Response to ITV Tonight

In response to ITV Tonight on 2nd February, a Smart Energy GB spokesperson said:

“As a result of Smart Energy GB’s nationwide campaign, one in three people (33%) across Britain now knows, in detail, what a smart meter is and that they are installed by energy suppliers. More than seven in ten of those who understand what a smart meter is would like to get one installed, equating to 12 million people: the demand created by our campaign from consumers in an area of their lives that so many have been historically disengaged from has led to millions of smart meters being upgraded in homes across the country.

“Independent evaluation shows that more than two in three people (67%) recall our campaign, and 64% take action to find out more about smart meters or saving energy after seeing our campaign. Seven in ten (70%) say our campaign is easy to understand, 65% say it is informative, and 52% say it is “relevant to me”. Our films bringing to life the absurdity of estimated bills have been watched 45 million times in our social media channels. Our work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Poet Laureate generated 80 million impressions in news, radio and TV, and brought to life the importance of the smart meter rollout as an upgrade of our national infrastructure. Smart Energy GB’s campaign has won twelve industry awards for its effectiveness and creativity.”