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Smart Energy GB response to the story in the Daily Telegraph and comments by Mike O’Brien and Sir Edward Davey.

Fflur Lawton, Head of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB, said:

"For most households, having a smart meter installed could help them save enough energy each year to power their home for a week.

"Any suggestion that smart meters create barriers to switching and leave consumers captive with their energy supplier are not supported by official Ofgem data. The simple fact is that 23% of those with a smart meter switched their supplier in 2017, compared with just 17% of consumers who were still using analogue meters.

"Far from being held captive, consumers with smart meters are using the technology to find the best deal with the right supplier for their energy needs."

Additional information

  • It was reported in the Telegraph (28.07.2018) that ex-labour energy minister Mike O'Brien had his smart meter removed as he no longer used it. Mr O'Brien later clarified on Twitter that the energy meter he was referring to was installed in 2008 and was not a smart meter. First-generation smart meters were not installed until late 2012.
  • Everyone can switch supplier with a smart meter in exactly the same way as with analogue meters. Some first-generation smart meters may lose some smart functions when switching, but this is temporary. Any meter that temporarily loses its smart functions still works as a meter and accurately records your energy use. All smart meters will soon be brought into the dedicated smart meter network which allows for seamless switching of energy suppliers.
  • The Ofgem consumer engagement survey, detailing appetite to switch with or without a smart meter is available here.