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Energy Doctor at HQ Recording Studio in Manchester Energy Doctor at HQ Recording Studio

Energy saving tips for small businesses

Many small businesses struggle to keep track of how much they spend on energy, and which equipment or activities are causing unnecessary waste.

Dr Paul Swift, an energy consultant from the Carbon Trust, has created an checklist to help small businesses get on the road to energy health. 

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What to think about:

1. How much are you spending?

        Find out what you're spending each year and investigate unexpected spikes?

2. What's using the most energy?

         A smart meter can help you to identify the appliances that use the most energy.

3. Have you got your timings right?

        Switch off equipment outside working hours, perhaps with the help of plug-in timers.

4. Do you need new equipment?

        Think about replacing kit that you know is old, clunky and inefficient.

5. Are your staff on board?

        Get their suggestions and ideas on how things can change.

6. Can you stop heat from escaping?

         Check for draughts. Insulate lofts, walls and doors.

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Request a smart meter

Just by getting a smart meter you're helping to upgrade Britain's energy system.

Contact your energy supplier for more information.

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