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Partner Case Studies

From national organisations to regional charities and local community groups, our partnerships teams works with partners all across Britain, to help spread the word on smart meters.

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Working together

Together with our partners we are working towards a smarter and greener Great Britain. In 2019 we worked with 23 regional partners, and 3 national partners.

Here are some of their experiences in working with us.

A group of people from Carers Scotland sitting around a table

Carers Scotland

Patricia Clark, Development and Training Manager

The partnership funding enabled us to reach many carers in Scotland, face-to-face or online. We were able to give them take home resources and share digital assets in different formats - articles, leaflets, videos and stories.

Smart Energy GB also helped us to develop our 'Smart meter' webpage and regularly sent us news stories and update that might be relevant to our activities. This is the direct impact our partnership had on our carer network:

Catherine, 65

"I can see how much energy I have used from my monitor which is really helpful as I can monitor daily, weekly, monthly and annual usage and know if I need to increase my direct debit to cover this especially in the winter months."

Robert, 83

"The information sessions was helpful. Getting a smart meter means we won't need to stretch up to reach our meters anymore, which is getting harder for us to do. We can concentrate on other, more important things."

The 'Travel to 2050' installation at National Trust property Hardwick Hall

National Trust

In 2019 we partnered with Smart Energy GB to launch the 'Travel to 2050' experience. Together we showed visitors what a low carbon, energy-efficient future might look like - and what could happen to nature and the places we love if we don't act to tackle climate change.

This partnership inspired our supporters to consider how individual actions, such as getting and using a smart meter, can help to upgrade the nation's energy infrastructure and combat climate change.

Find out about more of our partnerships and campaigns.

Assets on display at Runnymede council morning

Want to work with us?

If you're an organisation looking to share smart meter related information with people that you support, our resource centre gives you access to a range of materials available for download or print.

In 2019 104 new organisations registered for the resource centre, with over 600 assets downloaded or ordered.

It's easy to register and find what you need.

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