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Smart Energy GB is helping everyone in Britain understand the importance of smart meters and their benefits to people and the environment. Our national campaign is reaching homes and small businesses across England, Scotland and Wales.


If you haven’t got your smart meter yet, you’re missing out. Last year alone, 1.7 million households installed a smart meter. Great work Britain!

Get a smart meter

How are smart meters installed?

The smart meter installation process is straightforward. Your energy supplier will install your smart meter at no extra cost and the installation only takes a couple of hours. Energy suppliers are required by law to follow a code of practices that includes ensuring the health and safety of the consumer. Find out more information on the installation process below:

The installation process

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters being rolled out across Great Britain. They show you how much energy you are using in pounds and pence.

About smart meters

Will a smart meter help me?

A smart meter can help us to identify situations where we're using a lot of energy and might want to make changes to this. If you use the information shown on your in-home display to reduce your energy use, you could cut costs and become more energy efficient.

Energy saving tips

Why should I get a smart meter?

A smart meter helps you take control of your energy use, by showing you exactly what you are spending in pounds and pence; no more estimated bills or supplying meter readings.

Benefits for you

Got one but need more info

Already have one installed, but not sure what to do with it? See what other people are doing to make the most out of their smart meter.

Smart meter reviews

Can I switch supplier?

Yes. People with a smart meter can switch energy supplier and tariff in exactly the same way that anyone with a traditional meter can. With a new, second-generation smart meter, you should be able to switch with no interruption whatsoever. If you have an older, first-generation smart meter, there's a chance it will lose functionality for a little while after switching but this doesn't affect your ability to switch.

It's quick and easy to switch supplier with a smart meter