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A man writing at his desk, stationery, a cactus, and a smart meter in-home display on the desk A man writing at his desk, smart meter in-home display nearby

5 tips to manage your time better

A recent survey commissioned by Smart Energy GB found that 13% of Brits are providing regular care or support to an elderly relative as well as a younger child. To help ease this burden, Life Coach and Time Management Expert Juliet Landau-Pope has shared her advice.

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1. Learn to love lists

Whether you're a pen-and-pencil person or an app aficionado, get into the habit of writing down all the things you need to accomplish within a specific time frame. Once you've compiled a list, you'll find it easier to think clearly and strategically.

2. Prioritise purposely

A to do list can be overwhelming if you don't find ways to focus on what matters most. So, review your list daily or weekly and circle a select number of essential tasks, no more than 3 per day. This will become your will-do list. It's a simple shift but far more motivating.

3. Simplify and systematise

When time is short, it's vital to find systems that cut out unnecessary tasks. And fortunately, technology can often assist. A smart meter, for example, will send automatic readings directly to your supplier so that's one less thing for you to worry about.

4. Better done than perfect

Don't waste time because you're aspiring to impossible standards. Remember that good enough is usually good enough!

5. Pace yourself and celebrate progress

Boost your motivation by paying attention to what you DO achieve. Small steps are worth celebrating. So, next time you tick something off your to-do list, savour the moment rather than rushing onto the next activity.

Save time with your smart meter

Life admin tasks the sandwich generation find most time consuming

Nearly a third of adults within the sandwich generation are helping someone else with their energy bills/providers.

Smart meters replace traditional meters with a new, digital model which can send automatic meter readings to your energy supplier.

So you'll no longer have to deal with the hassle of reading your meter, submitting your data online or waiting at home for the meter reader to call.

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Request your smart meter

Just by getting a smart meter, you are helping to upgrade Britain's energy system, readying it to meet the demands of the future.

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