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5 tips to tidy up your energy use

Have the new cleaning gurus inspired you to get the rubber gloves out and get organised? A thorough clean up and clear out can improve your headspace and make you feel more in control. Now it's time to tidy up your energy use to help lower your bills and reduce your environmental impact.

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1. Say goodbye to standby

Top of your energy tidying list should be pulling out plugs or switching off sockets for appliances you're not using. If your TV is on standby or your mobile phone charger's sitting in a socket that's switched on, they're still using electricity. According to The Energy Saving Trust, switching your appliances off standby mode can save you around £30 a year!

2. Light bulb moment

Still hanging on to incandescent or halogen bulbs? They're now banned from sale because they're not energy efficient; if you still have some at home it's time to let them go. Replace old energy-guzzling bulbs with LEDs, they use up to 90 per cent less energy and last up to 15 times longer.

3. Clean appliances, clean energy

Don't forget to give your appliances a thorough spring clean. Dust and dirt can be costly as it makes them less effective. You can do simple things like regularly clearing the filters in your washing machine and tumble dryer so they're running at peak efficiency, or dusting your radiator columns to allow heat to flow more freely. You should also wipe down the coils on the back of your fridge every six months - when they're dirty the fridge motor has to work harder and use more power.

4. Use your thermostat correctly 

According to The Energy Saving Trust, turning the heating thermostat down by one degree can save you up to £75 a year. Moving furniture just a few centimetres from radiators can help boost the temperature of the room. Turn radiators off in rooms you're not using and bleed them annually so they're running efficiently and you're not wasting energy.

5. Get a smart meter

Think of a smart meter as an energy tidying aid - the nifty in-home display shows what you're using in pounds and pence as you use it. It helps you keep an eye on what you're spending and to work out ways to reduce it; plus you can set daily, even hourly budgets. And the in-home display could help you to spot if you've unintentionally left an appliance on.

  • Did you know that we could achieve 11% of the UK’s 2050 carbon emissions target just by taking household energy efficiency measures? Find out more: #MissingPiece
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