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Helen Anderson with face scrubber Helen Anderson with face scrubber
Helen Anderson with hairdryer

Hair dryers

Hair dryers are hands down the biggest energy users of all the beauty gadgets. And many of us wash, dry and style our hair every day:

  1. Use yours on the coolest setting when you can, instead of blasting your hair on the hottest temperature. The action of heating up air to blow dry is what creates the biggest energy draw.

  2. Switch to a low wattage hair dryer the next time you buy a new one.

  3. To reduce the need for a dryer, let your hair dry naturally some of the time – it’s healthier for your hair and healthier for the environment.

Electric toothbrushes

Dentists and hygienists recommend electric toothbrushes for the best oral care. Although they’re not the most power hungry, unlike manual brushes charging them still adds to your bill.

Keeping your device on constant charge can wear down the life of the battery as well as draw some electricity. It’s best to charge your electric brush when it runs out of power. And running it to empty helps it recharge to maximum capacity when you do plug it into the mains.

Helen Anderson with hair straingteners

Hair straighteners

Hair straighteners work by heating up the flat iron part that you ‘comb’ through your hair, which means they need electricity to generate the heat. When you're getting a new pair remember:

  1. For both energy efficiency and safety reasons, choose straighteners with an automatic shutoff feature. Aside from auto shutoff, some have a sleep feature that sense they’ve not been used for a short time.

  2. Choose ones with a temperature control; being able to adjust the heat settings is helpful in energy saving, and good for your hair.

And don't forget…shorten your showers

Spending one minute less in the shower every day as part of your grooming routine will save you around £8 off your energy bills each year. It will also help reduce your water consumption, helping your water bills and the environment.

In-home display screen small

Request your smart meter

Smart meters are the best way to monitor what you are consuming and spending on energy because they have an in-home display that shows you the information in near real time. This will help you to work out how to make energy efficiencies and get your gas and electricity bills under control.

Request your smart meter