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New report finds that monitoring energy use prompts more efficient habitual behaviour in smart meter owners

New research published today by Smart Energy GB shows the positive changes to energy consumption experienced by households who choose a smart meter.

The report Smart meters and energy usage, found that a reduction in energy use is something that the majority of households want to achieve.

Results show that both owners and non-owners of smart meters intend to do more in the future to save energy, however each intend to make different types of changes.

Those who said they have a smart meter and already have the ability to monitor their energy, intend to adopt more positive habitual behaviours. These included turning heating down or off when it is not required or looking into appliances that are more energy efficient.

Those who don’t yet have a smart meter intend to look more into monitoring their energy consumption – a key benefit of upgrading to the new tech – and exploring ways to be more energy efficient.

Getting a smart meter is a small but important step that everyone can take for a cleaner, greener, smarter Britain.

Across England, Scotland and Wales, there are already more than 11 million smart meters installed in homes and microbusinesses and every household will be offered one at no additional cost. Upgrade to a smart meter for free from your energy supplier.

Robert Cheesewright, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB, said:

“This report shows that households across Great Britain are really feeling the benefit of upgrading to a smart meter – something we see time and time again in our research.

“The majority of people in England, Scotland and Wales also intend to do more to save energy in the future and getting a free smart meter from your energy supplier will help this become a reality.” 

The research was carried out for Smart Energy GB by Populus who surveyed 2,005 people in November 2017 about their energy use.


Notes to editors

The full report Smart meters and energy usage: a survey of energy behaviour among those who have had a smart meter, and those who have yet to get one is available here.

About Smart Energy GB

Smart Energy GB is the voice of the smart meter rollout. It’s our task to help everyone in Great Britain understand smart meters, the national rollout and how to use their new meters to get their gas and electricity under control. Our national campaign is reaching households and microbusinesses in England, Scotland and Wales. For more information visit our website

About smart meters and the rollout

Smart meters replace the traditional meters we currently have in our homes. They enable accurate bills, near real time information on energy use in pounds and pence, and greater control over the way we buy and use energy. The smart meter rollout is an essential technology upgrade, unprecedented in its scale, to improve Great Britain’s energy infrastructure.

There are already more than 11 million smart meters installed in homes and microbusinesses across Great Britain. Every household in England, Scotland and Wales will be offered one at no additional cost. Contact your energy supplier about getting your free smart meter.

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