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Benefits if you're on a prepay meter


Smart meters are also good news if you currently have a prepay meter. Smart prepay technology is part of the national rollout. With smart prepay, you’ll always know what you’re spending and how much you owe.

Easier top-ups


Smart prepay makes it much easier for you to top up your credit. Depending on your supplier, you’ll be able to top up directly online, through an app or at the local shop. No more keys, cards or inconvenient visits to the shop.

How to get a smart meter

smart pay as you go

Checking your remaining credit is easy


Your prepay in-home display will have an easy-to-understand screen that will show you how much credit you have left. So no more late night dashes out to the shop.

What a smart meter looks like

Save more energy, save more money


Because smart meters show you exactly how much gas and electricity you’re using in near real time, you can see when you are using the most energy and which appliances are most responsible. Knowing where to cut back can save both energy and money.

wallet illustration

Smart meters are here for prepay customers!

Get a smart meter


Smart meters are available at no extra cost and will be installed by your energy supplier, even if you rent.

Contact your energy supplier


Does having a smart meter make it easier to switch between payment modes (e.g. direct debit or prepay)?

Yes. New smart meters can operate and switch between modes, without an installer having to visit your house and change the meter.


I'm on prepay and access to my meter is not always easy. Can smart meters help?

Yes. With a smart meter, you don't need a different kind of meter for prepay. With a smart meter in prepay mode, you'll no longer need to access your meter. You'll be able to see how much credit you have left via your in-home display and top-up in a number of ways, including online, via telephone or text message, or even with a smartphone app. And you can still top up in person at a local shop/outlet. Credit will be automatically added to your account without any need to put a key or card back into your meter.