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Millions of people have already had smart meters installed, and are giving them an important place in their homes. Here are some of their stories.

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Sarah with her smart meter


86% of people with a smart meter have said that they have changed how they do things around the house to use less energy. Meet some of the people who are using smart meters to keep track of their spending, check their tariffs, and help save money on their bills.

How smart meters are helping people save


See how people have welcomed smart meters into their homes, and even found fun ways to track their energy use. Got a name for your smart meter? Find out what people are saying about theirs. 


Smart meters enable all sorts of new energy-saving technologies and are particularly useful for people with electric vehicles (EVs). Owners can now see what it’s costing them to charge their vehicle. And with more car owners switching to EVs, it’s exciting to see how smart meters are enabling a smarter future. 

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How do I use my smart meter?

The installer who fits your smart meter will show you how to use your new meter and in-home display. They'll check it’s working and answer any questions you may have, so you’ll get the benefits of your new smart meter straight away.

Your in-home display has all sorts of features to help you control your energy use and lower your bills. You can see:

  • how much energy you’re using in near real time and what it's costing you in pounds and pence (as well as kilowatt hours)
  • how much energy you've used in the last day, week, month, or year (if you've had your contract that long)

Your in-home display shows your energy use information and you'll still receive energy bills, but now they will be accurate without you needing to submit meter readings.

If you’re on prepay, your in-home display will also show how much credit you have.

Can my smart meter help me save money?

Smart meters can help us to identify situations where we're using a lot of energy and might want to make changes to this. If you use the information shown on your smart meter in-home display to reduce your energy use, you could cut your energy costs.

Smart meters also mean accurate bills as they bring an end to estimates, so you can be confident that you're only paying for what you've actually used.