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Pig in a shower

1. Don’t be a shower hogger 

Spending one minute less in the shower each day will save you around £7 on your energy bills, per person, per year. Shorter showers also reduce your water consumption, which will help both your water bills and the environment.

Shower head

2. Shower versus bath?

Heating up water for showers, baths and washing up makes up about 15% of a typical (gas heated) household's heating bill. On average that’s about £80 a year, so it’s worth trying a few small changes to save some money. Like taking a shower instead of a bath: according to research by the Energy Saving Trust, if everyone in a family of four switched one of their baths for a five-minute shower every week the family would save up to £25 a year on their gas bill and up to £15 on their water bill (if they have a water meter).

3. Upgrade your boiler

When you have a smart meter installed you can start to identify the big draws on your energy around the house. Roughly 60% of what you spend a year on energy bills goes toward your boiler, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference. Whether you decide to buy a basic model or a top of the range product, a new energy-efficient boiler can save you money, as much as £300 a year. New boilers are more efficient because they are all condensing boilers and burn fuel more efficiently than old boilers.

4. Pee in the shower

You may think this is a bit of a weird one, but peeing in the shower saves water so it can also save you money. It may be controversial, but if you peed in the shower for every shower that you have, you could save 1460 litres of water a year. That’s a decent saving if you have a water meter.

In-home display screen small

5. Get a smart meter

With a smart meter you can monitor how much you're spending on gas and electricity in pounds and pence. This means that you can see how much you’re spending on heating and hot water, and just how much you’re saving when you change how you use energy in your home.