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A smarter future: the smart grid energy revolution

We've got smart TVs, smart phones and even smart motorways. Now it's the turn of our energy grid to get smarter.

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What is a smart grid?

As part of an exciting energy revolution that's under way in Great Britain, a new smart grid is being developed that will use digital technology to actively monitor what electricity the country needs, when it needs it - then suppliers can generate enough to meet demand. Smart meters are key to a modern smart grid because they'll gather the information the grid requires to react to the amount of energy needed. This means the grid will be more flexible in actively managing supply and demand.

Why do we need one?

Our current energy grid simply can't map the demands from homes and small businesses accurately, so a lot of energy goes to waste. A smart grid, working with smart meters, will help reduce waste because it will know precisely where to direct our valuable resources. For example, if London's energy use peaks between 8pm and 10pm, and Newcastle's peaks between 7pm and 9pm, then resources can be redistributed to reflect this.

A smart solution

Our environment will benefit hugely from a reduction in carbon emissions when we have a smart grid and smart meters installed in our homes, because they will help the nation to conserve energy.

Not only this, but our energy supply will be greener because the smart grid will be able to supply more reliable, efficient and low-carbon energy to households and help us all to manage our valuable resources more efficiently. We all want to make big changes to help our planet, but sometimes to make big changes, we have to start small. Smart meters can't solve climate change on their own but with the smarter, more energy efficient grid they help to create, they're a start.

Helping us be smarter with our energy

86 per cent of people with a smart meter have said that they have changed how they do things around the house to use less energy, and also use their smart meter to keep track of their spending, check their tariffs, and help save money on their bills.

Sarah, a mum of two from Chelmsford, says her boys no longer leave their gaming consoles on standby and she always makes sure they turn the lights off. By making a few changes around the house, she's seen significant savings on her gas and electricity bills.

Positive incentive to use energy outside peak times will help us as a nation balance supply with demand without having to build and generate more dirty and expensive energy. The National Infrastructure Commission say that a truly smart energy system will save the nation £8bn each year!

Choosing a smart meter and a tailored tariff, which remains entirely the choice of the consumer, will mean people can be rewarded with lower bills for doing their bit to save the planet.

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