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Getting a smart meter

How do I get a smart meter?
Contact your energy supplier to find out when they can book a smart meter installation for you.
Do smart meters work for prepay customers? What are the benefits?

Yes. You'll no longer need to access your meter. You'll be able to see how much credit you have left via your in-home display and top-up in a number of ways, including online, telephone or text message - or even with a smartphone app. And you can still top up in person at a local shop. Credit will be automatically added to your account without any need to put a key or card back into your meter.

You can find out more information about prepay here.

Can people who want a prepay meter get a second generation (SMETS2) version?
Yes, a small number of prepay SMETS2 meters have already been installed, and they will be rolled out more widely from now on. If your household wants a prepay smart meter, we'd recommend contacting your energy supplier to see what they can offer you.
Are smart meters rolled out in Northern Ireland?

Not as part of this rollout. Northern Ireland will benefit from smart meters by being part of an Irish-wide rollout.

Responsibility for energy markets in Northern Ireland lies with the Northern Ireland Executive's Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

I live in a flat and there will be multiple meters in a cupboard - will there be an issue with the signal?
Multiple meters in one cabinet shouldn't be a barrier for having a smart meter installed, however if you are considering getting a smart meter, we'd recommend getting in contact with your supplier as they will be able to advise you depending on your particular situation.
Will I have to pay for the smart meter?

Smart meters, the in-home display (IHD), and the installation are available for everyone in Great Britain, at no extra cost.

If you are being charged for any equipment, you'll need to discuss this with your energy supplier as sometimes the supplier will need to carry out some extra works that require the homeowner to cover the costs.

I've got storage heaters - can I get a smart meter?

Yes. All energy suppliers are obliged to offer their customers a smart meter before the completion of the rollout, irrespective of which meter they currently have, or any tariffs or appliances such as storage heaters that may be used.

Please speak to your supplier for more information about when they'll be able to offer you a smart meter.

I have phase three supply - can I get a smart meter?
Yes. These types of smart meters are starting to be available for consumers now but it depends on which energy supplier is ready to install one for you. Let your supplier know about your wish to have a smart meter installed and they'll be able to advise you further.
I've got a semi-submerged/concealed gas meter, can I still get a smart meter?

Semi-submerged gas meters were once a technical issue for suppliers who are installing smart meters, but the good news is that this is no longer a barrier to having a gas smart meter installed.

The energy industry is working hard to ensure everyone can get smart meters by the end of the rollout. We recommend you contact your energy supplier directly as they can provide you more information about when they can install your gas smart meter.

I've got solar panels or other microgeneration - can I get a smart meter?

Yes. Smart meters have been designed to work with solar panels and other microgeneration and export metering has been included in the specifications of smart meters. All energy suppliers are obliged to offer to provide their customers with a smart meter before the completion of the rollout irrespective of whether they have solar panels or not.

The smart meter will provide accurate information to the energy supplier, based on how much energy you have imported and exported. The current in-home display (IHD) will not show you your export electricity, but suppliers are free to offer access to this consumer data through other routes. The information should be available to the consumer directly from the panel on the smart meter.

Can I get a smart meter if I am a single fuel customer?

Yes. You can still get smart meters if you have separate energy suppliers for your gas and electricity. If you are a single fuel customer, you'll receive two in-home displays - one for your gas and electricity. Please contact your supplier to find out more and request a smart meter.

Is there an accessible in-home display?

Yes. An accessible in-home display with additional features has been developed in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), and includes features such as large buttons and text-to-speech functionality.

At this point, not all energy suppliers offer this accessible in-home display. We recommend that you contact your supplier to find out more.

What do I do if the installer didn't turn up for my installation?

If this has happened to you, please contact your energy supplier and let them know. They'll be able to advise you on the next steps.