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FAQs - Smart meters for small businesses

Can my business get a smart meter?

Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, or their full time equivalent, may be eligible for a smart meter.

What are the benefits of smart meters for my small business?

Smart meters can bring many benefits to small businesses, such as:

  • they send your energy readings directly to your supplier, meaning accurate bills and an end to manual meter readings.
  • they give you the opportunity to monitor how much energy you're using, in pounds and pence, every day, week and month. So you can spot the activities that cost the most and take action to save money.

Can I get a smart meter if my small business is based at home?

Yes. As every home across Great Britain will be offered a smart meter from their energy supplier by the end of 2025, you will be eligible for a smart meter if your small business is run from domestic premises. If you have a separate meter for your small business in your home, you may also be able to upgrade that to a smart meter.

Can I get a smart meter if my small business is in a rented premises?

Yes. If you pay the energy bills you can make the decision about whether to get a smart meter. If your landlord pays your energy bills, speak with them about getting a smart meter for your building.

Will my small business be charged to get a smart meter?

Many small businesses can get a smart meter at no extra cost. Depending on your business’s energy supplier and tariff, you may be charged for a part of the upgrade or for access to your energy usage data. Your supplier will let you know about any charges up-front.

How long does installation take?

Installations normally take about two hours and are arranged in advance so that you can make any necessary arrangements beforehand to ensure minimal disruption to your normal business operations.

Can I arrange installation outside of working hours?

Energy suppliers will work with you to find a time that’s convenient for you both. Some suppliers offer installations on a Saturday or in the evening to minimise disruption to your small business; please speak to your supplier to find out what is available.