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How smart meters are helping people save money

Read these smart meter reviews below and see how people are using their smart meters to save money and budget more easily.

Sarah with an in-home display


I have my in-home display set to show how much gas and electric credit I have left on my meter, so I can keep tabs on my monthly spend and when I might need to top up. I find it really helpful with budgeting because it's helped me to understand how much some appliances cost to use.

I feel like I've got control over my energy use - I know how much to top up, what things are going to cost to use and how I can keep everything in budget.

My smart meter has helped me find ways to keep my monthly spend down, so when I can see that I'm down to my last few pounds then I think to myself "I can't be leaving the TV on all the time", which is a good thing - it definitely makes me more aware of how much I'm spending. I've been more conscious of what I'm using and what things cost.


After I had my smart meter installed I soon noticed that I was using less energy than my tariff suggested.

I wouldn't usually think to give my supplier a call but when you see how much you're using right in front of you it does make you wonder if you can cut back a bit.

My supplier told me I could move to a new, cheaper tariff and I've really noticed the difference. I'm now near the end of that one and I'll be looking to call up again. It's great that having my smart meter has encouraged these money saving changes.

I've found it so reassuring to know my bills are accurate with a smart meter. I can check my bill online or keep regular tabs on my in-home display, so I feel confident in my energy use and like I've actually got control over it. I know I'm not using more than I can afford because I can see it, and better still, I know that when I get my quarterly bill, it's going to be one that's in budget.

I do think a smart meter can make it a bit easier to make savings, you're just more aware and you know you're not wasting energy just for the sake of it.

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