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Meet Gaz & Leccy

Gaz & Leccy are currently out of control. They run around our homes all day burning energy, but we don't know exactly how much they're really using or what the bill will be, it's crazy!

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Gaz & Leccy Plotting

Who are Gaz & Leccy?

Gaz & Leccy are mischievous little characters who are helping us capture the nation's imagination and bring the current experience of buying and using gas and electricity to life.

Gaz represents gas, and Leccy electricity. They show that without smart meters, we’re not in control.

Gaz & Leccy - TV ad

Watch what happens when Gaz & Leccy are let loose in our TV ads

Get Gaz & Leccy under control

More than a million people have watched Gaz & Leccy disrupt a West End cinema premiere, and millions more will see them causing chaos in homes all over Great Britain in the new TV ads.

Our aim with Gaz & Leccy is to make sure people properly understand smart meters and their benefits. We’re responsible for helping everyone feel happy about having a smart meter in their home.

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