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A smart meter in-home display on a table

Why are smart meters so important for Britain's energy upgrade?

In our latest advertising campaign, we are thanking the 13 million people across Britain who have already gotten a smart meter. But why is it so urgent that people say "Yes" to a smart meter?

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1) Smart meters are upgrading Britain's energy grid

Smart meters are making Britain's energy grid, and energy system smarter. The data that smart meters are able to generate allows our energy system to understand how much energy is being used, when and where across Great Britain. It enables the people who manage Britain's energy grid to be able to better plan, and helps consumers to shift usage from traditional peak times.

2) Smart meters will help reduce waste in the energy grid

There is a lot of waste in our energy grid. This is down partly to the fact that before it gets to you, energy has to travel a long way from where it is generated. Smart meters will help us cut down on that waste by forecasting energy demand more efficiently. The system will also be able to draw on more local and renewable sources of energy. The government has predicted that £378m is wasted before it even gets to consumers, and could be saved by the rollout of smart meters.

3) Smart meters help Great Britain anticipate future energy demands

Demand for electricity in Britain is predicted to nearly double by 2050. Smart meters are integral to Britain meeting future increased energy demands because they:

  • enable a flexible energy grid that can use greener sources of energy
  • balance supply and demand
  • ensure security of our energy supply

All of these will make Britain better equipped to manage all of our energy requirements for the future.

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Thank you for getting a smart meter

Just by getting a smart meter, you are helping to upgrade Britain's energy system, readying it to meet the demands of the future.

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