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How smart meters can help to reduce your carbon footprint

We all want to live in a world with cleaner air and cleaner energy. But what's all that got to do with smart meters?

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How can smart meters help?

Smart meters are handy monitoring devices that provide you with information you can use to reduce your energy use around the home.

However, smart meters are also essential building blocks in the creation of smart energy grids which will help enable us to transition to a lower carbon future.

A new energy grid

The data that smart meters are able to generate allows our energy network to understand how much energy is being used, when and where across Great Britain.

With that information, we can better plan and shift usage away from traditional peak times, which are currently reliant on fossil fuel generated energy, and make more use of renewables.

Just by having a smart meter installed you will already enable us to reduce our carbon emissions as a nation, even without making changes at home to use less energy, something your smart meter can also help you do.

Enabling a low carbon future

We all want an energy grid that is geared to the future not the past. And to make big changes, sometimes we have to start small. Smart meters can't solve climate change on their own, but with the smarter, more efficient energy system they help to create, they are a start.

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