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See how smart meters are revolutionising our energy system -

Upgrading Britain’s energy system

Smart meters enable Britain's energy upgrade. This will allow our energy system to understand how much energy is being used, where and when. This means big things for our nation's future and carbon footprint. 

Helping Britain become carbon neutral

Smart meters will help the energy system better manage the supply and demand of energy, helping Britain move towards a cleaner, greener, lower-carbon economy.

Enabling new technologies

Smart meters are helping to create an energy system which supplies more reliable, efficient and low-carbon energy to households, which helps us all to manage our valuable resources more efficiently. This will enable the energy system to easily adapt to the latest tech from electric vehicles to the smart e-home of the future.

Reduce your energy usage, and save money

People across England, Scotland and Wales are using their smart meters to save money and budget more easily.

Topping up with prepay

Smart meters in prepay mode make it easy to top up credit on the go by app, online, by phone, or in or in the shops. And they also help you keep track of your energy credit thanks to the handy in-home display which shows you how much energy you're using in pounds and pence. 


Can I get a smart meter if my home has solar panels?

Yes you can get a smart meter if you have solar panels. Your bills reflect the energy you are using and that you have generated yourself. Your in-home display will only show how much energy you are buying from your supplier. In the future, your in-home display may also be able to reflect the energy you're generating yourself, such as from solar panels.

Do smart meters work with prepay?

Yes. Smart meters will make prepay as easy as pay-as-you-go on your mobile or tablet. If you choose smart prepay, you should be able to conveniently see how much credit you have left on your in-home display, using an app, over the phone, or via text. Top-up in person at your local store/outlet, without any need to put a key or card back into a meter. Payments will automatically be added to your account and you'll always be able to top-up with cash. Pay the same rates as everyone else - smart meters will remove the need for prepay to be more expensive than other tariffs. Switch between payment modes (credit and prepay) without physically changing your meter.