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Smart Meter Awareness Week: smart meters for letting agents and landlords

18th - 22nd October 2021

Earlier this year, Smart Energy GB commissioned research into attitudes towards smart meters amongst landlords and letting agents in the private rented sector. This research uncovered confusion about whose responsibility it is to install a smart meter and a lack of awareness of the benefits to landlords and letting agents.
To raise awareness of the benefits of, and to bust the myths about, smart meters in the private rented sector, we are pleased to announce the first Smart Meter Awareness Week.

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What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. They are being installed in homes across Great Britain at no extra cost, to replace traditional meters (including prepay key meters). Smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you’re using, as well as what it’s costing you and display this on a handy in-home display.

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What is Smart Meter Awareness Week?

Smart Meter Awareness Week is an annual campaign specifically targeting the private rented sector (PRS) in Great Britain to help landlords, letting agents and tenants better understand smart meters. The aim of the week is to encourage increased smart meter installation in the PRS as part of our national rollout.

Smart Meter Awareness Week will bring the sector together in a week on online activity to dispel the myths, provide helpful information and keep Great Britain on a journey towards being greener and cleaner with our energy use.

Get involved

There’s lots of ways you can get involved with Smart Meter Awareness Week!

You can watch our webinars below:

You can also download our resources for landlords, letting agents and tenants and post your support for the week on social media.

Who can request a smart meter?

There can be some confusion as to whose responsibility it is to install a smart meter. Ofgem, the energy regulator, states that it is the billpayers right to install a smart meter and that the landlord shouldn’t unreasonably prevent the installation.

Smart meters for letting agents

Life as a letting agent is busy! But you can shorten your task list if there is a smart meter installed in the rental property you’re managing.

We all know that smart meters can benefit your tenants in a variety of ways, but read on to find out how they can benefit you:

  • If meter readings are sent to the supplier daily or half-hourly, a meter reading wouldn’t have to be taken during the inventory
  • Automatic readings sent to supplier mean the final bill can be calculated accurately during and at the end of the tenancy preventing disputes between the tenant and landlord
  • Smart meters work in both prepayment and credit mode. This means the tenant can change their payment method over the air without the need for a new meter

Want to find out more? Click the link below for a leaflet you can share with the office:

Smart meters for letting agents factsheet

Smart meters for letting agents factsheet (Welsh)

Helping letting agents advise landlords and tenants

It’s important letting agents have the most up to date information to advise landlords and tenants so we’ve put together this handy guide on smart meters.  

Download the guide here! Is your question now answered in our guide? Get in contact at [email protected]

Letting agents guide

Letting agents guide (Welsh)

Smart meters for landlords

Our research found that 72% of landlords said that they would agree to get a smart meter installed. So what are the benefits?

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  • The automatic meter readings smart meters send to suppliers mean the final bill at the change of tenancy can be calculated accurately, preventing disputes
  • If meter readings are sent to the supplier daily or half-hourly, the landlord would not need to attend the property to take a meter reading at the end of the tenancy and can monitor usage during void periods
  • Smart meters can switch between prepayment mode and credit mode over the air at the billpayers request

And there is more, you can download the leaflet in English or Welsh for more information on smart meters for landlords:

Smart meters for landlords factsheet

Smart meters for landlords factsheet (Welsh)

Smart meters for tenants

Now you know how smart meters can make your life easier, you need to make your tenants aware of their benefits too. And the benefits of smart meters for your tenants are wide ranging. These benefits will make managing energy that bit simpler for your tenant.

One benefit for tenants is that they can see what they’re spending in pounds and pence on their in-home display, helping them keep on top of your energy bills. But that isn’t all…

We have gathered the full list of benefits in English or Welsh about smart meters, and the smart meter installation process below for you to share with your tenants:

Smart meters for tenants factsheet

Smart meters for tenants factsheet (Welsh)

Still concerned about getting a smart meter for your tenants?

Even with these benefits, you may still have concerns about getting a smart meter.

From how to get a smart meter installed in your rental home, to whether you need to get permission from your tenant…or whether there is a cost. We have set the record straight on these commonly asked questions and concerns around smart meters. Read more in English or Welsh below:

Mythbusting Leaflet

Mythbusting Leaflet (Welsh)

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