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An illustration of a smart meter in-home display.

Smart Meter Awareness Week

October 30th to November 5th is Smart Meter Awareness Week, which is all about the benefits of smart meters for renters and landlords.

What is Smart Meter Awareness Week?

Smart Meter Awareness Week is an annual campaign for the private rented sector in Great Britain. This campaign is designed to help renters, landlords and letting agents better understand the benefits of smart meters. This includes renters and landlords of business properties.

Private renters have good things to say about smart meters: nearly 90% of them who have one now say they would get one again if they moved to a new home without one. And 7 in 10 who don’t have one now, but did in their last place, say they plan to get one in the next 6 months.1

1Opinium Research for Smart Energy GB, private renters study Oct 2022

Benefits for everyone!

Whether you’re a renter, a landlord, or a small business owner who rents their premises, there are benefits to having a smart meter installed.

What are some benefits of smart meters?

Get a smart meter
Get a smart meter